In case you missed it, I wanted to share an app, that I find very playful and colourful. 

Iorama studio has created an app called LOOOM. You don’t have to be an animator to give it a go.

It’s fun and easy and I love how accessible it is for a wide range of audience.

here is what I have created so far:


Character Development -knowing the character’s story and background is 

crucial while designing.

John is a character created for Dental Implantation Explainer animation. He is a regular elderly gentleman who has just retired from his life long job. He lives in the soviet apartment block with his dog and has trouble with his dentures.


Every time I have to render a sequence of animations, I have time to spare and doodle.

Mostly without even thinking.


I have it! What an amazing tool.. iPad Pencil - you are great. 

Every day I am inspired to do a little sketch, here are few:


What do you do while rendering? Isn’t it the best time to do something brainless? Something you never do otherwise? I find doodling the best thing to do. I don’t even think, it just happends. Whatever pops up into my head- I just draw it. Try it is fun.


Kayankwok has been doing a project called “ A poster per day for 365 days ” by making a poster per day till it hit 365 days. I really like the mixture of black and white vintage illustrations with a use of warm colour palette. I think that just inspired me to try some collage work myself!



A everyday I was catching up with design news and came across the beautiful designs by french designer Wendy. I do not know yanthing about her as everything on her website in in french, but it is soon beautiful! the use of colour, typography and lines is something I would be willing to achieve in design myself in the future.



I’m absolutely killing myself today how boring is one of the projects I’m working on. Scribbling and doodling while procrastinating…


Testing some Kinetic animation projections for one of the projects (not sure I’m allowed to share anything else…secret)



First Blog post. Never blogged. But found this image - accident and wanted to post it on a blog. so there we go. 

So this is just a photoshop accident fill>>content aware. I find it beautiful thou. Would like a shirt like this.